“Will I ever be able to forgive my molester…”

We like to believe that healing is a linear path, a path where every step we take is one of forgiveness. Forgiveness without the shame, hatred, and anger that we feel over the experience. But, the anger, the hatred, the shame and the sadness we feel is our path to healing, our path to forgiveness.

“Why do people cheat?

People cheat because they cannot be honest with others, let alone themselves. And if you cannot truly be honest with yourself there is definitely no way that you can truly love yourself. And if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. And people who cheat just do not have enough self-love to own their truths.

“How do I realize my worth as a human being and especially as a woman?

When it comes to your worth as a woman society likes to define a woman’s worth by her relationships, by kids, by marriage, by societal standards of what a woman should accomplish and wish to accomplish with her time here on Earth. But to really realize your worth as a woman, let alone a human being, you have to say no to the demands society has placed on you. You have to forge your own path in life, a path that speaks to the beautiful, amazingly authentic being that you are.