“My partner of 4 years is bisexual and has been cheating on me…”

Do you think that if someone truly loves you, they would cheat on you? Going further, if your partner truly trusted you or believed you both had an unconditional love, a very accepting love, do you think he would have kept his bisexuality a secret?

“Does God hate us?

When God comes to mind, I think of duality, good vs. evil, light vs. dark. But is that truly how life is or is that just how we were taught to see the world? If we take away the duality mindset and see every experience as an opportunity to experience unconditional love with spirit, as well as…

“How do I feel?

Broken and battered. Trying to pull myself out of this slump, this depression. Feeling so much anger, hatred and a thousand and one unnamable emotions towards the people who stole my innocence. Shame in myself over crying over spilled milk, surprised that the actions of others still have the ability to affect me.