“How do you shield yourself whenever you are surrounded by others who have negative, dark energy?

Anonymous: How do you shield yourself whenever you are surrounded by others who have negative, dark energy?

I personally like to think of dark energy as lower vibrations. And I believe we have all been exposed to lower vibrations at one point or another. Now when it comes to shielding what helps me is recognizing where my energy starts and stops and where the other person’s energy begins and ends.

Being able to recognize your energy flow from someone else’s will make it that much easier for you to erect vibrational boundaries that will keep out the lower vibrations of others. But also, surrounding yourself in bright white light within your mind will help keep you calm and peaceful while you are in the vicinity of someone with a lower vibration than yours. And after surrounding yourself in Divine white light, mentally and emotionally surround the lower vibrational individual in Divine white light as well as Divine love.

I picture myself surrounded in bright light feeling the loving of God and I picture the other person surrounded in beautiful Divine light and I surround them in unconditional love and acceptance. Another option is to create a safe space within yourself that you can go to whenever you are surrounded by dark, negative energy. So, whenever you find yourself surrounded by someone else’s dark energy, go within to that safe space inside yourself and focus on the love and the light within.

Another tool that has helped me is acknowledging the scared, angry, lonely inner child in that particular individual which always allows me to meet their energy head-on from a place of acceptance, compassion and Divine love. Whenever I do this, my energy feels lighter, more positive and full of love and I am no longer affected by the energy of that other person.

But also, even when you’re not around people with negative, dark energy you can always work on building up your boundaries. What has helped me in the past was imagining myself and my inner child in a bubble. My task was to make sure no one could pierce that bubble or get inside the bubble and harm my inner child or myself.

And the only form of protection from the outside world, i.e., the energy and thoughts of others, was my mind and the boundary I erected. I know it sounds a tad crazy, but it works! It truly has helped me block out the energy of others and strengthen my vibrational and mental barriers.

So, there are tons of options that can help you shield yourself from the energy of others, but it does take practice. It will not happen overnight, but the first step is recognizing your energy and acknowledging your boundaries and when your energetic and mental wards are being encroached upon.

Then you can go from there and work on building up your mental and energetic boundaries. And once you do accomplish creating and maintaining strong energetic and mental boundaries, the energy of others will no longer matter.

So, I hope you’ve found some useful tools to use in your own life from what I’ve said. And just remember, all it takes is one step and just continuing to expand that step to reach your goal of erecting and maintaining your boundaries. I wish you the best and good luck with your energetic and boundary assembling endeavors!