“Why do we allow others to disrespect us?

Honestly, I tend to believe it is because we may not respect ourselves or recognize and know our own worth. Sometimes it is a case of being shy and reserved but going through life allowing others to disrespect us usually sheds light upon a bigger problem.

Sometimes the problem is low self-esteem and not knowing or realizing our worth or not knowing that we deserve to be treated with respect. Sometimes it stems from relationships with others.

If you grew up in a household where your feelings, thoughts, and needs were invalidated then you most definitely would allow others to walk all over you, because that is all you have ever known.

The people that were supposed to love you, cherish you, and hear you out showed you that your wants and needs weren’t important, so of course, you would believe that the world, and others, would feel the same exact way.

The answer is really simple. It all just boils down to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and past occurrences in one’s life. But the great news is that one can grow from these types of experiences and learn to stand up for themselves, their needs, and their wants.

The journey involves building up your self-esteem, releasing negative self-talk, choosing to see yourself through your own eyes instead of the eyes of others, and not caring what others may think or say about your choices and your lifestyle.

So, one is not lost when they allow others to disrespect them, but they just have to dig deep down to truly love themselves so the healing and journey can begin.

Now, I hope this has been informative and enlightening, and I hope I have answered your question. And I wish you peace, love, and happiness on your journey through life.