“Love. What is it and how do I get more of it?

Love. What is it and how do I get more of it? Love. It brings me closer to myself and gives me the confidence to be me. Love. Divine love. Makes me feel so cherished and alive. Feeling God’s love, support, power and light coursing through me. Love. Increases my compassion and cooperation with others while giving me the ability to accept others as they are.

Love. What is it and how do I get more of it? Life. How much is my life filled with love? How much love do I bestow upon others? How much love do others bestow upon me? Trying to lead a life of love in a world filled with fear and angst. Trying to be loving when there’s not much love in my love tank.

Continuously giving love without receiving any in return. Trying to give and being content in not having it reciprocated. Acknowledging that God is love and love is light. Knowing that everything is God. The love, the light, the fear, and the angst.

Choosing to be loving in a world that isn’t so. Choosing to give love to others who aren’t so loving. Choosing to turn that love inwards and fill my own love tank instead of expecting others to. Having Divine love for all of the Creator’s creations. Wishing peace, success, happiness, and love to all of God’s beings.

Saying no to fear and choosing to walk hand in hand with Divine love and Divine itself. Choosing to forgive, release, move on and be free from my anger and pain. Choosing to love when fear would be the most logical choice. Choosing to have faith when it seems like there is none. Choosing to see the beauty in every experience. Choosing to love those that can’t love me. Choosing to smile when it seems like I have no reason to.

Love. Taking small steps every moment of every day to receive more of it. Recognizing that all the love I could ever want is here, within me. Recognizing that love is not the absence of angst and fear, but how I choose to look upon myself, the world, others and my experiences.


Divine love.