“How do you make a marriage last?

Marriages last whenever there’s a great, solid foundation but also when the two individuals are able to grow and evolve together. Whenever I mention foundation, I mean does your vision of the future align with your partner’s vision of the future?

Do you both agree on what you all wish to accomplish together in life? What are both of your views on finances and child rearing? Also, how do you think a marriage is supposed to be? How have you envisioned your marriage? What role do you wish to have in your marriage and what role does your partner wish to take?

And intimacy is important for any relationship. And intimacy is more than just sex. It’s truly knowing someone on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s knowing their fears and foibles, their dreams, goals and aspirations.

True intimacy is being your partner’s person, their cheerleader, their nurse, someone to stick with them and stick by them through life’s toughest hurdles. And knowledge is power and what I mean by that is you should always be growing and evolving.

Stagnation is the kiss of death for individuals as well as for any relationship so always be open to new ways of being, thinking and doing within the relationship and towards your spouse. Always keep an open mind and always try to maintain clear, open and honest communication.

Marriages last whenever you see your spouse as a spiritual being having a physical experience which means that they are also on a journey of self-discovery and that in a journey there will be occasional bumps in the road.

So, just always be open to your spouse and to them growing and evolving and them becoming the person they always were. And just have respect for each other and respect each other’s boundaries. These are all keys to a successful, happy, lasting marriage.

But also choosing the right person would help! Marriage is nothing to enter into lightly. You have to find someone that sees the world almost the way you do but also has differing viewpoints, viewpoints that would challenge your view of the world and vice versa.

Choose and find someone kind and open to the world, as well as someone who is forgiving and loving. Choose someone that you would be proud to have as the mother or father of your kids because you know that those children would be the most unconditionally loved and accepted children in the world.

So, I hope this was helpful! And I hope you have a clearer idea on what you desire in a mate as well as in your marriage. But truly, marriages last whenever you are true to yourself and your spouse as well. Truly knowing yourself, loving yourself, accepting yourself, and accepting your shortcomings will allow you to give all of yourself to your spouse.

And someone who is authentically themselves will be able to reciprocate all of that back to you. And I wish you luck on your journey and I hope you have a great, happy, joy-filled lasting marriage full of unconditional love.