“How do I realize my worth as a human being and especially as a woman?

Anonymous: How do I realize my worth as a human being and especially as a woman? Can you list a few instances?

That’s such a great question and I think we all struggle with this, men and women, but especially women. You have to understand that your worth as a human being is not tied to anything, no relationship, material object, career, occupation, job, degree, or salary could ever define your worth.

To the Creator you are worthy just by being, just by breathing, just by being God’s creation and being made of God, you are worthy. And when it comes to your worth as a woman society likes to define a woman’s worth by her relationships, by kids, by marriage, by societal standards of what a woman should accomplish and wish to accomplish with her time here on Earth.

But to really realize your worth as a woman, let alone a human being, you have to say no to the demands society has placed on you. You have to forge your own path in life, a path that speaks to the beautiful, amazingly authentic being that you are.

In order to realize your worth, you have to acknowledge the parts of your life that are a reflection of how society wants you to be or what society wants you to accomplish and what society defines your worth from. For instance, a college education.

College is not for everyone and society tells us that in order to be successful the right path to take is the path of attending college and getting your degree and that if you step outside the bounds and try to forge your own path, you will not succeed, which is fear mongering.

Society uses fear to control the way people, think, act and react. So say you’re attending college right now but you know in your heart of hearts it’s not for you, well to realize your worth, in this instance, you would say no to society and forge a path where you don’t attend college but your dreams are coming to fruition and you’re making it happen because you did not put a limit on your expectations as well as your determination, mind and dexterity and you were open and willing to follow your heart.

Knowing your worth just means that you are in control of how you see yourself and what you experience. You’re more than okay with saying no to the demands society and others my place on you, whether that’s career, material attainment, finances or relationships.

It means that you’re able to stay secure in who you are and what you believe even when you’re surrounded by those that wish for you to change. Knowing your worth is loving yourself as you are and accepting yourself as you are and being confident in the beautiful, amazing being that you are.