“I feel as if I don’t appreciate my family…”

Although we may not understand the people we love we can always accept them and love them the way they are, without having a need to change them. It seems that the problem stems from the fact that your family doesn’t try to understand you, let alone accept the fact that you and they are different. And that there isn’t anything wrong with different, that different is actually good.

“How do I realize my worth as a human being and especially as a woman?

When it comes to your worth as a woman society likes to define a woman’s worth by her relationships, by kids, by marriage, by societal standards of what a woman should accomplish and wish to accomplish with her time here on Earth. But to really realize your worth as a woman, let alone a human being, you have to say no to the demands society has placed on you. You have to forge your own path in life, a path that speaks to the beautiful, amazingly authentic being that you are.