I want to cut some friends out of my life…


I want to cut some friends out of my life. It isn’t because they are toxic, but the fact that I feel held back. They all act so lazy, and have no care for the future or school, unlike me. Since college and all. They like games and so do I, but right now it’s just really bothersome to me since they all have the “it doesn’t matter what I do, I want do that well in life anyways” mindset. I really dislike that.

Okay. There’s nothing wrong with saying goodbye. From what you’ve said, you and your friends don’t seem to be on the same trajectory. You choose to believe that life is what you make it, while your friends believe that life just happens to you. It doesn’t seem as if you guys have the same foundation left alone the desire to build a/the same type of foundation.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself and believing that you can accomplish what you desire. I think it’s a great idea to cut ties. Not everyone is a forever friend or are meant to walk with you forever on your journey.

And don’t feel bad about doing what is best for you. Life is all about growing and evolving and it just seems that you’ve evolved faster than your friends. And you chose the right choice instead of pausing your life and waiting for them to grow and evolve, you chose to focus on bettering your life and growing and evolving all on your own. And so once again, I think your decision is smart and I’m proud of you, your decision and the next steps that you are taking on your journey.  


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