Why is success in careers dependent upon whom you know and how much you suck up to people, rather than your skill?

Why is success in careers dependent upon whom you know and how much you suck up to people, rather than your skill?

I believe that mediocre success depends on who you know instead of what you know. And by mediocre success, I think of working in a career or job that does not express your authenticity but only pays you well. Now my definition of true success is having a career that you are passionate about, and that pays you well.

I truly believe that most people don’t have successful careers. On the outside looking in, they may have a successful career, but if you hate your career/job but make really great money, in my book you’re not successful. I believe the game changers, those captains of industry that forged their own path and careers are successful because it didn’t matter who others knew or what other’s skills were. They trusted themselves, their intuition and they followed their heart.

Just guessing, but are you in the corporate world? Do you dislike your coworkers and your boss? Yeah, that doesn’t sound as if you are being your authentic self and that the job isn’t you and doesn’t express who you really are. Have you thought about taking a step back and really thinking long and hard about what you wish to do with your life and where you wish to go? Recently I’ve begun to believe that people only think that it’s only who you know instead of what you know because maybe they aren’t in the right career so they feel lackluster and so they don’t put as much time, energy and effort into a career that does not embody their true authentic self.

Have you heard the expression that what you think becomes your reality? If you think that people who are less skilled but know people get ahead over you, then they probably will because you believe that they do. Don’t focus on anyone else. Focus on you, your skills, desire, and wishes and make them come to fruition. If you want to get ahead, continue on, keep trying because I believe that your work will pay off, but you have to believe!