Is it okay for a female to only have male friends?

Is it okay for a female to only have male friends? I currently have no female friends and I have no desire to have any. I am so happy with my male friends and I love them all! I’m so happy being treated just like one of the guys, yet people always like to put me down for it. People will usually make nasty comments and jokes whenever they can, and I don’t want to change who I am for others. So, is it okay for a female to only have male friends?

I think it’s more than okay for a female to only have male friends. That perfectly describes me, so I know exactly where you’re coming from. I personally prefer just male friends, but I do understand that society, and some people, think it’s strange for women to have only male friends.

And personally, I have heard catty comments regarding women having only male friends, so again, I know where you’re coming from. I think that if you love your friends, they love you and they’re supportive of you and you’re supportive of them, there’s no reason to care what others think about you guys’ friendship.

I honestly think it’s weird that it’s looked down upon for men and women to have friendships. Usually, when a woman is friends with only males, she is seen as loose or as someone not capable of having “true female friendships”, and I just think it comes down to preference. I’m a straight shooter and I’m straightforward and to the point, and I feel like men are blunter, in general, in comparison to women.

Men will usually tell it like it is, and I prefer that. I, of course, am not saying that women lie, but I have had female friendships in the past, and I have always felt stronger connections with my male friends. And sometimes women can be catty and mean, and it’s very rare to see a guy being catty or mean, so I could definitely see how you and I would gravitate towards friendships with guys.

And just ignore what others have to say. It sucks when we’re judged by others who have no clue who we are or what we’re about, but that’s all a part of life. Just continue being yourself and never change for anyone. And remember, those people who wish for you to change would never change for you.