My co-workers believe I got the job because of nepotism instead of on my own merit…

Coincidentally, my dad and I work for the same company, but in different fields. He’s been at the company for years and recently, our departments have begun to overlap. My co-workers believe that I got the job because of my dad instead of from my own merit, and it really takes a toll on me because I’ve worked so hard to get where I am.

Some co-workers have even begun to say to me, ‘Daddy got you the job, right’? I know everyone’s thinking that or something along those lines and everyone is talking about it. This entire situation undermines my credibility and effectiveness! When I try to tell people that I got the job because of my resume, they ask ‘Why did I get a degree if I already had a foot in the door’?

Okay, I know this may be a really hard pill to swallow, but I have a question for you. How do you know you got the job based solely on your own merit? I ask that because a lot of hiring is done because of who you know instead of what you know. I’m not saying that you aren’t amazing at your job or great in your career, but the fact that your dad works for your company couldn’t have hindered you, but could only have elevated you and your resume/portfolio.

Have you thought about the fact that having your dad work for the same company could have given you a leg up against your competitors? I mean honestly, if you were in your co-workers shoes, how would you see the situation? I am not saying that you were hired solely because of your dad, but that maybe, your resume combined with the fact that your father works for the company, could have elevated your position and resulted in you being offered the position.

And from what you wrote, it seems that your dad is high up in the company, because people from your department, your co-workers, know who he is, although he works in a much different department. So of course, people are going to think that you received the job because of your dad, but they have no right to bring it up or say anything about it to you. Nepotism is a real thing, but individuals have to understand that so is hard work. And if someone wishes to climb the corporate ladder, they will, no matter if a co-worker receives nepotism or not. No one knows for sure why the hiring manager hired you, it could have been a combination of things, such as your hard work, or resume, but having a father higher up in the company wouldn’t have hurt your chances either.

I just want you to understand that your co-workers’ feelings are valid, but so are yours. But the way your co-workers are going about expressing their feelings isn’t right. Plus, even if your dad’s position in the company had a hand in getting you hired, your hard work should speak for itself. Going forward, there’s honestly nothing you can do about your co-workers. Even if you’re a hard worker, they will continue to think those negative thoughts about you. Your only options are to continue working and giving this position your all or find another position at a different company that your dad doesn’t work at. I’m sorry that your hard work and effort isn’t being recognized by your co-workers and that your merit is in question. It sucks when we give our all to a position and our hard work and effort isn’t recognized. Once again, I’m sorry that you have to go through this, but I’m sure you will make the right decision about where to go from here.