I’m a failure! I have failed my first semester of college…

I’m a failure! I’ve failed my first semester of college, even though all of my classes were super easy. I am never going to succeed or get a good internship! I’m kicking myself for this. I told everyone, and I mean everyone, that my classes were easy and that I would easily get straight A’s, but my gpa is a 2.9 now. I hate myself so much! I think I was too overconfident, and, I got a B in English, the easiest class ever. I hate myself!

Relax, everything is going to be okay! You said you failed, but that you got a B in English, did you really fail, or did you get grades lower than what you were expecting? Getting C’s and B’s doesn’t mean failing, and a 2.9 isn’t bad, it’s a B average which is average. I understand you wanted to maybe get straight A’s, so you just have to look at this semester as a learning experience. You now know what you have to do and how hard you have to work to get the grades you actually desire for next semester. And I honestly feel that you’re upset because you told everyone that your classes were easy and then they turned out to not be as easy as you thought.

It’s okay to have a 2.9 gpa, just think, you have 7 semesters to bring it up. I believe in you. You can do it! You just have to buckle down and maybe be a little more humble. Although something may seem easy at first glance, it actually may not be. And it’s okay to reach out for help. Try and cultivate a great rapport with your Professors and go to them if you have any questions. Also, reach out to your classmates, form study groups and try to keep the lines of communication open. Turn to them and your Professors if you need a little help.

And hello, stop beating yourself up! If you do really well next semester, you could potentially bring your gpa up to a 3.0, which is the requirement for most internships. Plus, you’re only a freshman, you have several years to experience great and exciting internships. Stop worrying, worrying never does anything good for anyone or any situation. Just relax, try harder next semester and most of all, have fun. College isn’t supposed to be all about stress, it’s about having fun and discovering who you are. Just take a step back and relax. Just think, you can and will bring up your gpa to a gpa you desire, but just don’t give up.