So, I have this dilemma…

So, I have this dilemma. In my opinion, life is so short and I see no reason to waste 4 years in college. I want to enjoy the present moment without having to worry about this or that. I want to enjoy my life and to be honest, my grades have been suffering because of this mentality. But I know I won’t survive without a college degree, and I don’t know what to do. Plus, no majors interest me.

This is a conundrum that a lot of people our age experience. It used to be that in order to make something of ourselves or to be successful, one had to go to college, but in today’s age, we’re seeing others living happy lives and living out their passion in jobs that aren’t boring nine to fives. And I personally do believe that someone can be successful without a college degree, because most people don’t even work in the field their college degree is in, but I think having a college degree might just mean a smoother, easier, path to being able to take care of yourself financially, but it doesn’t mean that an individual is happier than a person who doesn’t have a college degree.

I believe you can enjoy the present now, but if you don’t go to college, what would you do? Would you work in a job that you didn’t like and didn’t pay you well? I know you wish to figure out what you want to do, but can’t figure it out while doing something? If you don’t go to college or get a job, what would you do? Trial and error are all about leading one to their true path, to their passion. And if you don’t try at anything or even fail, how will you know what works for you and what you want and don’t want.

But this is from my personal opinion. You have to remember that you are the one walking your path and not anyone else, so you have to make the choices that are right for you. It’s just, what does figuring out what you wish to do with your life look like? Would you not go to school, not work and just travel? Can you afford to travel? Will your parents support you while you figure out what would make you happiest in life? There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to take accountability and responsibility for their lives and their actions. So again, if you choose to not go to school or work, what would you do?

And when it comes to majors, there’s nothing that interests you? Music, art, dance, languages, business, political science, nothing? And I don’t want you to feel as if you have to go to college because everyone thinks you have to. But just have a plan because even if you don’t go to college, you still need a way and a path to provide for yourself financially and I feel like that is everyone’s main goal for you and that is why they are so pro college. But nowadays, there are tons of people with college degrees working not so well paying jobs, jobs that they’re overqualified for so you may be on to something. But just do what makes you feel happiest but also, have a plan, even if it’s a tiny, not a very well thought out plan, have a plan. And be prepared to change aspects of that plan.