I can’t seem to figure out my gender…

I’m so confused! I can’t seem to figure out my gender and a majority of the time all the pronouns and identities could apply to me. But other times, it seems like nothing fits.

It’s okay to be confused! And there’s nothing wrong believing that all the pronouns sound good to you. Life isn’t about fitting into little boxes, it’s about creating an authentic life for yourself, so if you’re partial to the pronoun ‘her’ on Friday but choose the pronouns ‘they’ and ‘them’ on Saturday and ‘him’ or ‘his’ on Monday, do you!

Life is way too short to care about what others think of you. In my opinion, gender is a social construct that is used to control the masses. So, you can choose not to define yourself by it. Choose to just be yourself and love yourself and don’t focus on who society wants you to be or how society wants you to be.

And confusion just means that you’re on the path to discovering who you are. Enjoy this time and your path and you will see that all of the confusion was worth it. And just know, that I am wishing you copious amounts of love and encouragement on your journey to self-authenticity.