Why do I feel like nothing?

Why do I feel like nothing — no one all the time? It feels as if I’m between life and death, floating and just simply existing in life. I have nothing and no one truly cares about me. I feel so insignificant.

If someone hasn’t told you today that they care about you, well I do. I care about you and your happiness! I see you for the beautiful, amazing being that you are who is shining their light brightly out into the world. It does concern me that you feel like nothing, I personally know the exact feeling you’re currently experiencing because I experienced that exact same feeling when I was depressed and suicidal.

It can be hard to feel that nothing great, positive or exciting happens to you or your life and that you are just existing and taking up space, but you can’t think like that. You’re here on this Earth for a purpose, and although you may not know what that purpose is, you have one. And although it may not seem as if you’re living your purpose, you are!

Maybe you’re supposed to be where you are right now, feeling and thinking exactly what you’re feeling and thinking so that you can overcome all of the adversities and setbacks in your life, to help others on their path to happy, joyful, fulfilling lives. And although you’re in the thick of it now and everything seems dark, you have to remember that you always have the light with you. You are the light! Your being-ness and who you are as a person is so magical and inspiring. You woke up this morning, and you reached out for help because you know that your current situation is just that, your current situation and that it doesn’t define you.

And sometimes we need the darkness to show us where the light is, i.e. in you silly! You are the light, and we would not have seen the greatness in ourselves if we had not experienced that darkness. And maybe you’re right, maybe the people in your life don’t care for you, BUT I DO! There are so many people out in the world that would love to experience you, your light and who you are and don’t base your worth on how others treat you or see you.

Most of the time, people project their self-critical thoughts and self-hatred onto others and always know that the way a person responds or reacts to you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. And don’t base your worth on material items, they don’t make the man! And from my experience, after acquiring material items, you begin torealize that they don’t enhance your happiness and that happiness is a state ofmind.

Just trust in the process that your life will get better, but first, you have to remain positive and strong in the face of adversity. We all go through things, the good and the bad, but it’s all about how we view the experience and how we view ourselves while we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing. Don’t give up on life, and life won’t give up on you!