It drives me insane that people assume you can’t be racist against white people…

It drives me insane that people assume you can’t be racist against white people. If someone says something mean towards another race, everyone would get upset, but when hurtful words are directed at white people, everyone thinks it’s funny. Or people believe that just because you’re white that you’re privileged when you’re not! It’s a new day and a new age now. ANY form of racism IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

When I think of racism, I think of the systematic oppression of a group of people. When I think of discrimination, I think of the ‘unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex’, and I feel that most people confuse the two. As I’ve said, racism is systematic, which means it’s a system that has been built into society’s way of life for A WHILE. Take for instance, a Black person saying something about a white person or a group of white people, that would be discrimination, and less so racism because the society we live in places non-people of color, i.e. white people, above people of color, and the ‘system’ would be society and the world.

And when it comes to privilege, non-people of color are more privileged than people of color. We live in a world that was built for White people. We people of color go to universities that wouldn’t let us in, and we had to fight for that right, universities that were built for White people. We live in a country that was built for White people that were escaping persecution, but who chose to turn around and persecute other groups. We live in a world where the standards of beauty are a White person’s standards, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a skinny physique. We live in a world where the most prominent actors and actresses in the world are White, and where people of color have to fight to be seen, heard, and recognized in the media in a positive light. We live in a society that stereotypes people of color and uses those narratives to dehumanize those individuals and groups. We live in a world that LOVES to whitewash history books and rewrite narratives. We live in a world where White people were the ones to find America, but society refuses to mention the brown bodies that were here before. So yes, non-people of color are privileged. In my 23 years, I have not heard of a little White girl or boy looking for representation, or someone they could relate to in the media, because non-people of color have so many options to choose from.

But I do get it, we all have problems, and we live in a first world, so that is a privilege that we enjoy within itself. But to say that White people aren’t privileged? That’s ridiculous! You’ve probably never had a group of people, outside of your ethnicity/culture, stare at you because you’re rocking your natural hair, an afro. You’ve probably never even received the talk that most people of color have with their parents, the talk that says ‘we need to be better and do better because they already think so lowly of us’, but why would you? You’re the ‘they’ in that scenario. And I get it, it sucks to be discriminated against, but could you throw a rock and hit someone who hasn’t been discriminated against? We’ve all been looked down upon in some form or fashion, but racism is SO DIFFERENT!

And this is a new day and a new age, but this age still has Whites benefiting from the horrible transgressions of their forefathers. Money that was made off the backs of slaves are still circulating today, through the ancestors of the slave owners. And all though their ancestors didn’t partake in the slavery, they benefited from it financially. And still, in this new day and age people are rude, mean and nasty because an individual’s skin is darker than theirs. Does that make sense? Although we live in a new day and age, we as a society still have a long way to go. And also, all because people say negative things or believe negative things about you, it doesn’t mean we react and put more hurtful energy and words out into the universe. Two wrongs NEVER make a right.