My life has always felt like shit, why was I born into it?

Why can’t I just be normal? My life has always felt like shit, why was I born into it?

What do you mean by normal? What does normal mean to you? Do you mean a life without, trauma, abuse, sadness, regret? It’s okay to want a life full of joy, happiness, love and positive, supportive individuals. But when it comes to life, we have to experience the entire spectrum of emotions, and that means sadness and anger. And one doesn’t experience those emotions without some type of strife in your life.

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but everything you’ve experienced and overcome has made you the strong, unflappable, beautiful being that you are. Every obstacle and negative circumstance that you’ve experienced have made you who you are. You are no way defined by what you’ve experienced, but you wouldn’t be you if you hadn’t experienced those trials and tribulations.

Don’t critique yourself, what you’ve been through or how you’ve handled your past situations. And stop comparing your path in life to others, your path in life may be harder than others and easier than others, but it is your path! You were given your path for a reason, you just have to figure out why that was. If I hadn’t experienced my physical, sexual, mental, verbal or emotional abuse, I wouldn’t have been able to help you or others overcome what you’ve experienced or help all of you see the light within yourselves. So remember, everything has a purpose and a reason. You were given your life for a reason, and it’s up to you to figure out why. You weren’t given a bad life to be punished; you were given a bad life because just maybe, you’re supposed to do good with the bad you were given. And never give up, I believe in you, and in your path in life, and although it may be bumpy now, it won’t last forever. Hang in there!