Is it okay to not respond to people?

Is it okay to not respond to people?

Yes, it’s okay to not respond to people. Especially if you feel that responding would make the situation worse. Sometimes others will goad us into responding by doing things they know would trigger us, so in some cases, not responding would be you looking after your mental and emotional health and practicing self-care.

And it’s okay to not respond, sometimes people and their actions don’t require a response! Sometimes it’s fine to just let people be and to let them think what they think of us. Not responding in some situations just means that we love ourselves, and instead of putting time and energy into defending ourselves to others, we put that time and energy into loving ourselves and being secure in who we are.

In situations, always do what you think, and feel is best. And never let anyone make you feel bad for not responding. As I’ve said, do what you believe to be best and know that you are in control of your responses and know that whether or not you choose to respond is up to you.