Why is my sister more talented than me?

Why is my sister more talented than me?

Why do you think your sister is more talented than you? I guarantee you that it isn’t true and that you’re not seeing yourself or your accomplishments clearly. Like most people, we sometimes are only able to see the greatness in others but not in ourselves.

Your sister might be great when it comes to certain things, but I know and believe that you are great at things that she isn’t. Try to see the light and the love within yourself. And remember, when we compare ourselves and achievements to others, we are looking for ourselves and our achievements to not measure up.

When you begin to compare yourself to your sister, name three qualities about yourself that you love. They can be any three qualities, but they MUST be positive. I believe this exercise will help you see yourself as the beautiful, amazing, radiant being that you are. We all have our strong suits and our weaknesses, instead of disparaging yourself over your weaknesses, turn your weaknesses into your weapons and use them as positive attributes. Remember, it’s not how others see us that matter, but how we see ourselves.