Why are men so rude?

Why are men so rude? Literally, every man I’ve tried to open myself up to just blew me off, and treated me as if I’m just another whiny female out of the billions that they could replace me with, and so they never even bother with manners or politeness. They just act as if they don’t care. Are there guys who aren’t like this, and if so, how do I attract them instead of these pigs?

I am sorry that you have encountered guys that didn’t see you for the beautiful and amazing being that you are. It sucks when people choose to not give us what we need or desire. And I am happy that you see the problem and that you are now looking for the solution.

So, when it comes to all of those relationships, what is the common denominator? Well, it’s you and the fact that you picked each and every one of those guys. Like attracts to like and maybe you are attracting guys that aren’t there for you and don’t care for you because maybe you are not there and caring for yourself?

When you love yourself, put your needs first and focus on being whole and happy without anyone, that is when you will begin to attract the men and relationships worth having. So now, just focus on loving all of yourself and enjoying your own company. The right guy and relationship will come around, but in the meantime just focus on loving and care for yourself.