The whole relationship has been a drag…

Honestly? The whole relationship has been a drag, when we got together I thought he was the one. We met online, met for a first date and things got real, quickly. 3 months in, his ex-messaged, he had seen her a few times, they’d probably kissed, he told her he was leaving me for her but he never did. I forgave him; we moved passed it. He got controlling, aggressive, alcohol played a big factor. His ex-kept popping up. I ignored it. I finally thought I was over him, yet I’m still here with him.

It’s okay to change your mind and how you feel. You thought he was the one and he turned out not to be. That’s okay, but where do you wish to go from here?

It seems that he was emotionally and physically cheating on you with his ex and withholding the truth from you. You say he is controlling, aggressive and that he drinks too much, but yet you’re still with him.

Why haven’t you left yet? Are you holding out hope that he might change? You said you all moved really quickly, and usually, when couples move quickly they don’t exactly see the true colors or intentions of their partners. Have you thought that maybe now, because he is so comfortable with you and the relationship, that he is showing his true colors?

And do you really wish to contend with his ex, his alcohol problems and his controlling behavior for the rest of your life? Maybe you’re still there because you believe you don’t deserve better? And I am here to tell you that you do. You deserve someone who will respect you, the relationship and himself. And, you say the relationship is a drag! You sound like you’re done with him and the relationship, but you don’t know how to break up with him or you’re looking for a reason to stay. I feel that I can be 100% honest with you and when I say this, girl, run for the hills and never look back! This relationship is not enhancing your happiness or your well-being. Choose to focus on yourself and making yourself happy.