I’m 22 and life isn’t going very well for me…

I’m 22 and life isn’t going very well for me. I know it’ll get better in due time, but I honestly don’t want to wait for it. I think I’m content with how life is going right now. I just think I’m ready to finally end it all. Now, there are some things that have lead me to think this way. The most recent one being that I lost someone I truly love. This isn’t the reason why, but it was the final push. I hope he’s happy, that’s all I want for him. Thank you.

I am so sorry to hear that you lost someone that meant so much to you and that life isn’t going as you planned. It sucks to envision a life for yourself and to create goals and strive to achieve them and to have them not come to fruition or are slow to manifest.

I do believe that your life will turn around, but I am concerned about you not wanting to wait for that turnaround and that you are considering ending your life. It seems that you are putting your worth in others and how they see you. You define your worth and your existence by the validation and love of others. The thing about life is that not everyone will be for you or root for you, and that’s okay. You always have to root for yourself and believe in yourself even when yourself doesn’t believe in you.

I do believe you will experience better days and a better tomorrow very soon! Your reaching out instead of harming yourself shows that you still wish to live. But instead of just living and existing, you wish to thrive, and there is nothing wrong with that. Give it time, you’re only 22 and you have years ahead of you.

Just think, you’ll look back during the better times and be happy that you didn’t end it all. Don’t give up, I am with you and I am rooting for you. It’s okay to hurt and be sad. Sadness is a part of life. Instead of reacting to the pain, respond to it by sitting with it and acknowledging your hurt feelings. Never push your feelings down; they always come back stronger and with a vengeance. And don’t lose hope, the best is yet to come.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255