I was recently talking with a guy…

I was recently talking with a guy but stopped since our interests are soooo different. He smokes weed and I don’t, he has guns and I am anti-gun, I’m a private person and he posts everything to social media. I wasn’t ready to date him then, but lately, I’ve missed his company, minus the differences. He was always nice to me, and I am considering starting something up again. Do you think it’s a good idea for us to try things again or should I just leave it be?

It’s okay to have different interest than the people we’re in relationships with, but it seems you guys are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes opposites do attract but does that mean that the relationship will last or whether it will be a great relationship, who knows. Have you thought about just being friends instead of romantically involved? Have you thought of building a friendship with him first, a platonic friendly relationship, instead of jumping into dating him? That way you can establish a friendship and a solid foundation so that if you were to enter into a relationship, you all would have a great foundation.

And there was something that jumped out at me. You mentioned that he has always been really nice to you, is that all it will take for you to go out with him? I ask because I wonder if you wish for someone to love you and be nice to you so badly, that you might go along to get along and accept anyone as your significant other or date anyone, even if you have NOTHING in common? It seems you two have nothing in common other than the fact that you all are nice to each other. If you were to enter into a relationship with this guy, what would the relationship be based on? What would you guys speak about or do together in your free time?

Ultimately, it’s your choice, but it seems that you’re already having second thoughts. Do you think it would be a good idea to try dating this guy again? Why do you wish to date this guy, truly? I’m getting the sense that at this point in your life, you would date anyone who was nice to you, even if you weren’t attracted to them. I also noticed that you never said you were attracted to him, not once! And that seems very telling. Just do what you think, and feel is best for you because you have to be okay with all of the choices you make and all of the people you allow into your life.