I feel so alone, and I just want to die…

I feel so alone, and I just wish to die! I only have my boyfriend to depend on and no one else. I’m in college, and I haven’t made any friends and it feels like everyone is ignoring me. I tried making friends, but nobody made any effort towards cultivating a friendship with me. I’m so tired of this. I want to die. But I won’t kill myself. I want to get hit by a car or something like that. Help me, please. My boyfriend’s thinking about leaving me because he’s tired of my problems. But I just can’t take it anymore. Help!

I am so sorry you are feeling this way. But I have a question for you, do you really wish to die? Or are you saddened that your life is not looking the way you wish for it too? It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling and be depressed, but I do want you to know that even though you don’t know me, I am rooting for you, supporting you and cheering you on.

And when it comes to making friends, have you considered your university’s counseling center? Most college campus’ have group therapy, which would give you an opportunity to meet new people and interact with others who may be feeling and experiencing what you’re feeling and experiencing. But also, have you thought about joining any clubs or volunteering your time? I’ve never met a volunteer who was mean or unfriendly, and volunteers are usually very genuine, accepting and open. Just don’t give up on yourself or life because of what you’re experiencing right now. Life does get better, and I guarantee you that your life will.

In regard to your boyfriend, if someone can’t see you at your worse or handle you at your worse, do you really want them? And I know you say you only have your boyfriend, but that’s wrong! You have you! And you will always have you. The only person walking this earth that can love you the way you truly deserve is you! No one else can give you the love that you give yourself. Maybe you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing so you can learn to love all of yourself, which will allow you to attract your tribe and your forever people into your life. But just know, that you matter, your life matters and that YOU’RE AMAZING!