I am feeling very overwhelmed and full of anxiety…

I am feeling very overwhelmed and full of anxiety because I’m turning 21 next week and it’s supposed to be like this really big deal, but I don’t even have any plans because all of my friends and family work constantly and are broke. And school starts in a few weeks and I’m entering my last year, but I’m starting an internship and I will be graduating a semester later than my friends! I want to scream.

Everything is going to be okay. Even If you don’t believe things will, you still have forge ahead and try to believe that good is happening in your life. And it’s okay to feel overwhelmed, I guarantee you that you are not alone.

It’s okay to have to revise your plans and deadlines. In life, things pop up, and we have to choose to see the glass half full or half empty. You’re in school and almost at the finish line of receiving your degree. It’s okay to graduate a semester later than what you intended. And you are starting an incredible internship that you will succeed at and which will allow you to showcase your talents. It’s okay, just relax and breathe. Do something that will take your mind off your worrying, and that will allow you to have fun. Also, you’re turning 21 and you get to see another year. That is something to be happy and excited about!

When it comes to how to celebrate your birthday, get in touch with your friends and try to coordinate a day or night where you can celebrate it. Even if you celebrate your birthday on a day that isn’t your birthday, you could still have fun with your friends. You could throw a house party and invite friends over for fun, food, and drinks. You could tell your friends to bring a side dish, appetizers or a drink of their choice to share. You can also have a friend or two plan a scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt can have outrageous tasks to complete in a certain amount of time. Each group must take pictures of them completing each task. And you and your friends could create a hashtag so that the evidence could be collected easily. The tasks could range from having a hot stranger buy you lunch/dinner or taking a photo of a guy trying on lingerie. Another task would be to complete 1 truth or dare at each location or wall twerk in the middle of the mall’s food court. It can be anything, just have fun! And once the tasks are completed, you all could head back to someone’s house and ring in your birthday with a few drinks. Just remember, it’s your 21st birthday and you’re young, so do it big! Just live and enjoy life!