I am consciously considering running away from my parents…

I am consciously considering running away from my parents and just attending community college with a job while I work full-time…If I do, I won’t have a 4-year degree like most people…and it might be extremely difficult….but my parents are sooooo bad for my mental and emotional health.

I am so proud of you for recognizing that it’s okay to put yourself first. I am truly proud of you for saying no to others demands on you and your time. From your ask, I am assuming you are 17 or 18 years old. Is that correct?

First, do you have a place to live and a job lined up? I ask because I want you to have a great foundation when you strike out on your own. Take it from someone who has been in your shoes and has left her parents, it will be hard. But it is doable. To save money, you could do 2 years at a community college and 2 years at a University. Also, you could try going to University part-time and working full-time, that is what I am currently doing. You could also work full-time and attend school full-time, I’ve done that, and it is doable, but I personally would not recommend it. Only because you are working on your mental and emotional health and dealing with the fact that you don’t have that safety net, of having supportive parents, the way other students do.

You could go to school for your associate or certificate, which would be less expensive than going for 4 years. And maybe after you graduate with your associate or certificate and start working, you could go to University for your Bachelor’s. Just don’t be hard on yourself for the fact that your timetable of accomplishing your schooling is not like everyone else’s. You are your own person with your own obstacles to overcome. Don’t limit yourself because of your circumstances. If you want something, go after it. But also, do what you believe is best for you. Again, I am so proud of you for seeing your worth and for saying no to people that don’t see the amazing being that you are! I HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN YOU AND YOUR CAPABILITIES! Go out there and shine.