How to be loving to others and still love myself at the same time?

How to be loving to others and still love myself at the same time?

This is a problem that we all struggle with. We all wish to love ourselves unconditionally, while still being able to give unconditional love to others. Why do you think you struggle with loving yourself and others at the same time? Do you believe that you have to put others’ needs before your own in order to love others?

Loving others doesn’t mean you stop loving yourself. It means that you’re sharing your light, your joy, and happiness with others. It means you’re there for them through their good times and bad. Having a healthy relationship with yourself and loving yourself will allow you to be loving to others. Loving all of yourself and accepting all of yourself will allow you to do the same with others. But always remember, if someone is encroaching upon and showing a disregard for your boundaries, you always have a right to choose yourself and self-preservation. Also, you can love yourself and others, but you choose to put yourself first for your mental well-being and health.

Being able to love yourself and others simultaneously means having boundaries, open communication, respect for yourself and others, and acceptance of yourself and others. Self-love and a love for others manifest itself by being open to others and their ways of being and doing things. But also knowing that you have your truth and that others have their own truth. And that there is more than one truth and more than one way of looking at things. A love for self and a love for others is all about accepting people as they are and knowing where your boundaries begin and end.